Na een flinke wandeling kan u zich laten verwennen door Nadja haar massage.

Swedish or classic massage

Swedish massage back, neck and arms 60 min 40 eur

Swedish massage whole body 90 min 60 eur

Considered one of the most preferred massage therapies, it is a beautiful method of bringing body and mind to deep relaxation, a sense of overall well being.

With it's many health benefits, such as increase in blood circulation, which will result in increased immune system response of your body; nourishing ligaments, tendons and joints; releasing pain and muscle tensions, etc., classic massage helps to bring our body in balance. After the massage your muscles will feel more flexible and full of energy

Antistress« massage

Antistress massage 75 min 50 eur

A massage of the head, face, decolette, feet and back.

Warm organic amandel oil and aromatherapy oils of citrus fruits or lavendel (or other oil of your choice) in combination with soothing and gentle massage movements will bring you complete physical and mental relaxation, also establishing balance of the vital energy.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone whole body massage 90 min 60 eur

Rhytmic movements of swedish massage in combination with warm stones bring feeling of invigoration, freshness, deep relaxation.

The pleasant warmth of bazalt stones penetrates through skin and muscles, deeply softening muscle fibres, eliminating nodes, toxins, boosting the lymphatic flow, stimulating the power of self-healing, a natural weapon of our organism.

Therapeutic back massage

Therapeutic back massage 75 min 50 eur

Aims to reduce pain, tensions and musscle issues in the back.

Using soothing movements in combination with different therapeutic soft and deep tissue techniques, the massage is also very pleasant and relaxing, the pressure is adjusted to the client. After the massage, the entire spine is warmed and relaxed.

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology foot massage 60 min 40 eur

Our feet are believed to be a map of our entire body, which means that every part of our feet is connected to a certain organ and system of our body. Indirectly influencing them by gently pressing and massaging those pressure points on the feet brings our body back to homeostasis, balance.

Breuss massage of the spine

Breuss massage 30 min 20 eur

A very gentle spinal massage, that safely stretches, aligns and energises the spine. Using healing effects of St Johns wort oil, which deeply hydrates and nourishes the intervertebral discs.

Recommended in combination with partial back massage or therapeutic back massage


Back 35 min 25 eur

Feet 20 min 10 eur

Addition to a massage (hot stone) 10/20 min 5/10 eur